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Saturday, 15 February 2014

For Cellulite and sagging

For sagging face the folds (from the nose and mouth) is one of the areas that accuses the passage of time and the weight fluctuations.

To repair the collagen and elating, this area gets stretched and rises, succeeding, after two to three sessions, the effect of appearing least 5 or 10 years.

To the eye contour:
Reduces excess skin around the eyes, visibly improving puffiness or under eye either on the mobile eyelid, due to a retraction of the skin.

For Cellulite:

The penetrating power of radio frequency wave is such that reaches the fat and adipose tissue.This, and the fact that the heating can also produce the rupture of tissues (essential in the treatment of cellulite), takes this technique one of the best options to fight the orange peel skin.

Furthermore, it allows a reduction in the volume by removing localized fat deposits. Are you an ideal candidate is If the skin on your face or neck has slightly sagging, but still need to undergo a surgical facelift.

If some areas of your body such as the inner side of the arms and thighs, have lost
If your eye contour shows marks of tiredness but still not justified to make Not the best option if  your problem is overweight or principal purpose is to reduce volume. It should not be the first option when the problem is the tendency to accumulate fat in certain areas of the body. Its added value in these circumstances is to complement other treatments, since the contraction of the tissue achieved with radio-frequency helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity in these areas.


Feel Of Sagging And Cellulite

The probes are in constant movement, so that the heat is spread evenly tissues. According to the dermatologist all this requires a technique and refined experience, they depend on the results obtained."

What will feel?

The application of this technique, in most cases, it is very cumbersome. According Cochiti Manuel, the equipment Accent, another alternative available in the market, "sensation during the sessions is of slight heat, which is always controlled by the technician and the patient, not being any need for this type of anesthesia equipment '.

According to Manuela Cochiti, 'the appearance of the skin after the treatment is usually light pink, with, on the face, sometimes a very slight edema'.

This slight redness disappears in a few hours and does not prevent the patient to continue with their usual activities, or force you to wear any special precautionary post-treatment. You only need to avoid sun exposure during the following days, especially if you have arisen to such redness.

For acne Radio-frequency also acts on the sebaceous glands, regulating the operation (production of fat), while also helps to blend the marks left on the skin due to strain produced in the skin.


The Technique Step By Step For Cellulite Reduction

Radio Equipment is one of the most Latest popular treatment of Reducing cellulite. Its distinctive feature consists of alternating cold and heat through refers cants waves and radiofrequency waves.See the picture that how it works.

When Thermal Cool is applied on the surface of the skin (epidermis), it is cooled at the same time radio frequency energy reaches the intermediate layer (dermis), where it has an action on the formation of collagen fibers, which causes the skin retract and gain firmness is indicated, especially to reduce the signs of aging.

There are many other devices using radio frequency, but coupled with different types of technology, such as vacuum massage or infrared (Thermo is the case of C, for example).

No prior preparation to perform the treatment, only thoroughly cleanse skin or derma quiche it, what you do right before you start the session is required.

Then, with the help of a special marker is bounded to the area of skin to be treated, on which multiple passes are made with the probes (unit polar and / or bipolar), so as to reach given temperatures within the skin, which are closely monitored with a own.

"The success of treatment depends largely on the temperature that can reach the various levels of the skin," explains dermatologist Manuela.


Friday, 14 February 2014

Draining Massage And Exfoliating Creams

Every Cellulite problem has one solution, your body massage. Find out about the one that best suits you. No one questions that massages do wonders to the body and mind, but the truth is that some are more convenient than others, depending on the issues that affect us sometimes.

  • Hurt his back?
  • Want to lose a few inches?
  • Sit exhausted?

So we have the right massage for you !!!

It retains fluids ... SOS Coro Collin!
It's a draining massage and exfoliating creams and moisturizers that eliminates dead cells, promotes circulation and elimination of fluid retention. It also helps firming and smoothing the skin with the application of various products.

Favors the drainage process, helping to eliminate water, stimulates microcirculation and tissue contributes to toning, firming and moisturizing the skin.

  • How long ? (One Hour)
  • How much ?  (Price on request)
  • Where can you do ? (Clinics Visage)
If you are under stress ... Massage Indocile!
Inspired by Ayurvedic massage in Chinese ancestral methods and know the Tango brand, Indocile begins with the application of I balm, followed by a massage done with beating of hands and fingers as well as deep and quick straightening.


Average Cost Cellulite Reducing Session

In one session can combat the problem is, but we must do so in advance because the healing process quite visible form crusts.

Average cost: About 200 per session in both cases of Cellulite.

Treat it with ... ender boogie!
Improves venous and lymphatic circulation and stimulates the elimination of peripheral fat. 12 sessions once or twice per week are required. Another option is to, consisting of injecting CO2 in the adipose tissue to release the stored fat and improve micro-circulation. Need 10 to 12 sessions a week.

Average cost: Ender boogie, about 50 Euro per session.

To learn more about Fluid retention:
The most powerful homeopathic active ingredients fight against cellulite and localized fat penetrating the epidermis through microinjections. In 10 or 12 sessions already notice results.

It consists in placing a sleeved inflatable legs, buttocks, abdomen, for example, swelling and producing an effect of lymphatic drainage.
Average cost: Meson therapy, 55 per session. Presto therapy 35 Euro per session Localized Fat.
Localized adiposity Treat it with ... Ultrasonic!