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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Feel Of Sagging And Cellulite

The probes are in constant movement, so that the heat is spread evenly tissues. According to the dermatologist all this requires a technique and refined experience, they depend on the results obtained."

What will feel?

The application of this technique, in most cases, it is very cumbersome. According Cochiti Manuel, the equipment Accent, another alternative available in the market, "sensation during the sessions is of slight heat, which is always controlled by the technician and the patient, not being any need for this type of anesthesia equipment '.

According to Manuela Cochiti, 'the appearance of the skin after the treatment is usually light pink, with, on the face, sometimes a very slight edema'.

This slight redness disappears in a few hours and does not prevent the patient to continue with their usual activities, or force you to wear any special precautionary post-treatment. You only need to avoid sun exposure during the following days, especially if you have arisen to such redness.

For acne Radio-frequency also acts on the sebaceous glands, regulating the operation (production of fat), while also helps to blend the marks left on the skin due to strain produced in the skin.


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