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Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Technique Step By Step For Cellulite Reduction

Radio Equipment is one of the most Latest popular treatment of Reducing cellulite. Its distinctive feature consists of alternating cold and heat through refers cants waves and radiofrequency waves.See the picture that how it works.

When Thermal Cool is applied on the surface of the skin (epidermis), it is cooled at the same time radio frequency energy reaches the intermediate layer (dermis), where it has an action on the formation of collagen fibers, which causes the skin retract and gain firmness is indicated, especially to reduce the signs of aging.

There are many other devices using radio frequency, but coupled with different types of technology, such as vacuum massage or infrared (Thermo is the case of C, for example).

No prior preparation to perform the treatment, only thoroughly cleanse skin or derma quiche it, what you do right before you start the session is required.

Then, with the help of a special marker is bounded to the area of skin to be treated, on which multiple passes are made with the probes (unit polar and / or bipolar), so as to reach given temperatures within the skin, which are closely monitored with a own.

"The success of treatment depends largely on the temperature that can reach the various levels of the skin," explains dermatologist Manuela.


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